Summer Heat! Stay cool!
Yikes, we were strolling along thru an easy, breezy, moderate temperature summer, when a big, pretty, rainbow filled rain storm came along, followed by some good heat, and all of a sudden were grabbing swim suits, pest repellent, and sweet corn, and turning down the air con.
There are several new jewelry artists we were introduced to recently, and the new designs have started arriving. We still have the best collection of Christophe Poly anywhere outside of Christophe's own studio. We can't help but love the Hebi lacquered wood sculptures and Viz art glass twists that grace our displays. Check out the courtyard for modern and rustic garden art, this could be the answer to those pesky places that the floral fade has already begun.
Keep cool! We have a nice, cool shop for you to hang out in. Be sure to visit soon!
-Yvette & Bridget